Saturday, August 23, 2014

~Wildwood Lair~ Custom Pet Furniture

~Wildwood Lair~
A 10’ tall Custom Cat Tree, Dog House, Storage and Entertainment Center all in one.
This unique Fantasy Tree has Maple Leaves and tons of Secret Spaces. ~Wildwood Lair ~ has a double door armoire cabinet with storage space and room for your dvd, cable box. It holds a TV out on one Branch and has a working Light hanging from another.
In the bottom of the Tree Trunk is a den for your Dog, or Cats ,with an extra Large Fairy Door. The top of the Tree has hidden spaces for your Kitties to sleep in, climb up, or step out on to a side tree branch platform to lounge, as well as a long branch for them to walk out on up top.
It’s a Woodland Haven that has plenty of secluded spots for your Kitties and Dogs to enjoy.
Bring out their WILD side with this Magical Forest Hideaway.
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