Sunday, February 3, 2013

~Kitty Moonshine~ Cat Furniture

Add a little Ambience to your room with this faux Whiskey Barrel Pet Bed. Kitty Moonshine~ is 30" tall and made of rough cut cedar with oak bands. is stained and painted to give it an Aged, Rustic look.The Lounging area on top measures 18" in Diameter and the Secret Space inside the Barrel measures 22" in Diameter so even Large Cats, or small dogs, have plenty of room. Both are padded and covered with Super Soft Black Fur.It's great for themed rooms too.
It includes Burlap Sack, Jug and Kitty Moonshine Flask that you can customize with your Cats name.
For those Elegant Kitties that prefer a more Refined Spirit, we have ~Kitty Cabernet~. You can use it for your Precious Pets' Secret Hideaway as well as doubling as a side or end table.
It includes one cluster of Grapes, Scented Wine Glass Candle and Kitty Cabernet Bottle that you can customize with your Cats name.
Delight yourself and your Spoiled Kitties with this Fun Cat Bed!
Wine, Moonshine Bottles and Jug are empty, sorry, we can't ship alcohol : ) they are props. The wine glass candle has non-toxic gel wax that looks like red or white wine, and features merlot or chardonnay scents.

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