Monday, June 10, 2013

Unique Cat Furniture

Aged and Weathered Looking Cat Tree from ~A Fantasy Forest~
~Old Cypress~ is 4' Tall.
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Old Cypress Cat Tree

Sunday, June 9, 2013

~Old Cypress~ Cat Tree from A Fantasy Forest

~Old Cypress~ is a Cute Cat Tree that is 4' Tall and it is Fully Enclosed.
This Tree is great for those with limited space. It doesn't branch out as wide as our other Trees,
but it still has the super soft places for your Kitties to lounge on and hide in. The secret space
inside the Tree measures approx. 19" wide by 15" deep and 23" tall, so even Large Cats have
plenty of room. The top platform is approx. 23" by 16" with the smaller one 12" by 9".
It has a textured and painted wood exterior with grey Luxury Fur on the Lounging areas and
Olive Luxury Fur on the Base. It includes Cat Tails, Moss and a Dragonfly on the Cypress Knees
and it will arrive Fully Assembled.
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